Blackjack basic strategy is a set of rules designed to reduce the amount of money gamblers lose while at the table. While it doesn’t guarantee victory, its use significantly lessens the house edge and reduces your percentage loss by an unknown percentage depending on rules and deck count.

Composition-dependent basic strategy can also help lower the house edge by using more information relating to cards in a player’s total hand, including denomination and total count of cards in play.

Basic strategy

Blackjack is a mathematical game, so basic strategy can help maximize winnings while minimizing losses. A good way to practice using flash cards and speaking out loud the right decisions for each hand. Remember not to stray too far from your chart as any changes made solely based on emotional decision will negate its purpose.

Memorizing the proper ways to hit, stand, split and double down will significantly lower the house edge for even beginners. But for an advanced player looking for an additional edge in blackjack card counting can offer up to 2-percent advantages; but be wary of any casinos using continuous shuffle machines as this method could give an unfair edge against you. You can find blackjack card counting charts online or purchase them from casino gift shops.


Blackjack is a game of probabilities and following basic strategy can help reduce losses and maximize profits. While no strategy guarantees victory every time, following these guidelines gives you the best chance at limiting losses and increasing profits.

Splitting cards of equal values such as two nines or two threes is another essential decision when playing blackjack, as this enables you to increase the chance of winning and double your bet.

Edward O. Thorp developed basic strategy with four US Army engineers in 1959 and later refined it through computer simulation testing of optimal blackjack decisions to prove they were accurate – this calculation is key as blackjack does have a house edge which cannot be overcome through mere probability alone.


A blackjack strategy chart is an analytical tool designed to assist players in making informed decisions based on mathematical analysis. Players use it to select the optimal move based on both the dealer’s up card and their hand – as well as taking out emotional influences on decision making processes – but this doesn’t account for luck, which plays a huge role in blackjack.

One of the best strategies for winning at blackjack is learning how to count cards. This strategy can give players a 1% to 2% edge against casinos over time, though mastery may prove challenging as casinos employ continuous shufflers that discourage such counting strategies.

At blackjack, the key is setting and adhering to a budget. Furthermore, responsible gambling should always be practiced while avoiding alcohol consumption.


Blackjack may seem like a game of chance, but with proper strategy you can significantly decrease its house edge to as low as 0.5% and make it one of the best casino games to play for real money. Rules differ depending on game and region: for example some casinos require dealers to hit soft 17 while others insist they stand.

Should You Split Aces or Eights Depends on the Dealer’s Up Card Depending on which card the dealer shows up with first, when should aces be split or eights split depends on their up card being an Ace or 5, double down if your two cards equal 11 and you know your advantage over them is significant – such as having an Ace or 5 in their hand while the dealer holds weak hands such as an Ace or 5. Doubling down gives an added card to your hand!


Decisions at a blackjack table about taking insurance can have a dramatic impact on a player’s profits, as taking insurance raises the house edge and costs money in the long run. Therefore, taking it is best avoided in order to maximize gains and minimize losses.

Responsible gambling requires setting and sticking to a budget, staying sober, paying attention to hands and avoiding side bets such as insurance bets.

Insurance is not recommended for basic strategy players as it only wins about 30% of the time that a dealer holds a blackjack.

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